Vietnamese Transport Cooler Solution

Under the current situation of the pandemic, the global demand for low-temperature biomedical cold chain products has increased significantly. How does the leading biomedical cold chain manufacturer ensure that different solutions and needs for different markets are met, becomes particularly important?

In the first quarter of 2021, Haier Biomedical conducted detailed research on the Southeast Asian market. It systematically and comprehensively analyzed the collected information and data such as the market demand and brand competition to gain insights into local market conditions and opportunities.

In response to the different market pain point requirements for transport coolers, Haier Biomedical took the initiative to communicate with local agents to actively provide targeted solutions. With the advanced PCM ice pack and the energy-saving semiconductor refrigeration system, Haier Biomedical's transport cooler successively won the bid for the program for the Hospital of the Vietnamese People’s Army, making a key breakthrough in the Vietnamese market.

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