U-Blood Network


Automated Blood Management Network

Scheme Introduction

IoT Intelligent Blood Safety Management provides a unified and secure systemized platform for the entire city's blood supply. IoT is linked with the data  management system and builds blood information that interconnects between the city's central blood bank, blood usage at each of the hospitals through the establishment of a unified blood management platform. The city's blood use database is strengthened with the systems surveillance, from blood collection to clinical use. IoT Intelligent Blood Safety Management guarantees through its blood management platform total blood quality and safety across the city's health network.


Blood Station Working Solution Synopsis

•By adding RFID tags to the blood bags and either scanning or writing the information, this program ensures accurate positioning of blood products with the intelligent IoT information manage ment system. From batch verification, quality information control, batch storage accuracy, transport of blood from collection to clinical transfusion, this system enhances the blood quality and safety across the entire health network.

•The main aim of the scheme is to strengthen the blood information management from collection to clinical infusion, enhancing blood quality and safety. It is achieved using RFID read-write device, RFID detector, RFID walk-in cold room, transfer boxes, blood bank refrigerators and other IoT leading equipment such as, blood products batch scanning, batch check information, quality information control, batch stock-in and stock-out, quick inventory count, accurate positioning, information statistics, cold chain information control, blood bank product movements and other intelligent functions.


Hospital Solution Summary

•Connected to the refrigerator, the RFID tag reader and the server can also download the refrigerator and control data to the app through the network, The blood transfusion information man agement system and electronic blood matching system is connected with the hospitals intranet, the blood bank can be moved to the operating room, ICU and or emergency room.

•The RFID tag reader can determine the positions of blood bags, and the APP LCD screen can control the storage and removal of the blood bags and check the quantity and status of the blood bags. Using the server data, the user can also download control commands to the refrigerator APP through the network to operate the refrigerator remotely, the intelligent operation of clinical blood matching and blood use and safety is guaranteed scheme.


To improve safety and with extensive research, it has now been implemented and achieved, blood from blood bank to the bedside through the use of control and tracking, effectively extending the management of hospital blood bank throughout the whole hospital. With this scheme the hospital can allocate and track the blood product usage, record the blood product transfusion in real time, ensure accuracy of transfusion of the blood to the right patient, at the right time and right dose so as to obtain the best practice quality clinical transfusion and improve the efficiency of blood management and the blood use safety for blood recipients.

Case Studies

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