Liquid Nitrogen Storage Solutions

Liquid Nitrogen Storage Solutions

Portable Cryogenic Transfer Tank


Temperature Display

High Performance of Heat Insulation

Compatible with Multiple Specififications

Biobank Series

Large scale capacity stores up to 94,875×2ml Vials

Vapour phase storage at -190℃ prevent crosscontamination

Supplied with intelligent Cryosmart liquid nitrogen system monitoring and control solution

LN2 splash proof design for safer operation

Self-pressurized Series

Stainless steel construction

Integral safety mechanisms

Labelled valves for easy identification

Safety valves

Decant valves

Pressure raising

Liquid storage

Rotary ring construction

5-year vacuum warranty

Smart Series

5 models from 2,400 to 6,000 cryovial capacity

Cloud data storage for traceability

Low consumption rate and high performance stability

Durable aluminium construction

Real time monitor of temperature and fluid level

New lock design

5-year vacuum warranty

Medical Medium Sized Storage Series

Heavy duty lockable enclosure

Compatible with all major cryobox brands

Liquid or vapour phase option available

Durable aluminium construction

Temperature monitoring available

High thermal efficiency

Ultra-low evapouration loss

5-year vacuum warranty

Dryshipper Series for Transportation

Rugged and durable aluminium construction

Vapor phase storage

Straw and cryovial storage options

No LN2 spillage

Lockable lids

Cryo absorbant

5-year vacuum warranty

Low Temperature Transport Trolley

Passive refrigeration system

Longer insulation time

PCM ice pack for cold storage

High strength aluminum magnesium alloy shell, meeting PI620 packaging requirements for class A infectious substances

Light plastic PP shell, meeting PI650 packaging requirements for class B infectious substances.