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How to Store the Cells of Endangered Species?


How to Test for the Monkeypox Virus?

Do you know how the labs test the monkeypox virus?

Haier Biomedical Won the 2022 Listed Company Low-Carbon Contribution Award

Fulfilling the "dual carbon" responsibility and leading green development, Haier Biomedical won the 2022 Listed Company Low-Carbon Contribution Award.

Growth of Pharmacy Refrigerators from 1.0 to n.0

The stability of pharmaceuticals is not only related to their properties but also greatly affected by many external factors, such as temperature, humidity, and microorganisms, subjected to decomposition, volatilization, precipitation, and the like. Therefore, correct and professional storage is crucial for ensuring the quality of pharmaceuticals. Pharmacy refrigerators can provide ideal storage space for the pharmaceuticals and samples highly susceptible to failure at room temperature. The refrigerators are widely used in biomedicine, food inspection, physical chemistry, and other fields and play an indispensable role in such scenarios as hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies.

COVID-induced 'new economy': Advent of outdoor camping, ready-to-cook meals, nucleic acid testing

COVID-induced 'new economy': Advent of outdoor camping, ready-to-cook meals, nucleic acid testing


Haier Biomedical Receives CTSOA Airworthiness Clearance

On 27 October, Haier Biomedical's innovative and active aviation temperature control container successfully passed the airworthiness examination of the East China Civil Aviation Administration and was granted the approval of the project specified by the technical standard (CTSOA). 

-40°C Biomedical Freezer (Chest) Upgrade Announcement

In line with Haier Biomedical's committment to continual improvement withinmanufacturing and product design, the chest range of biomedical freezers have been updated to provide end-users with a freezer with improved functionality, cooling efficiency and performance.


Haier Biomedical CO₂ Incubator Actively Contributes to Anti-Pandemic Research

As one of the most important pieces of equipment for biosafety laboratory R&D, Haier Biomedical CO₂ incubator is actively being used by laboratory professionals to assist with R&D to fight the pandemic, working together to improve the safety of the product to ensure end users get the maximum usage and utilize superior performance of the solution.

Blood Scenario Solution

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