U-Reagent Network


IoT Reagent Security Scenario Solutions

Scheme Introduction:

Based on the application of intelligent IoT technology on medical refrigerated products, Haier Biomedical realizes real time information track of each term in storage and fully automatic and intelligent management of reagents and medicines, as a result the inventory status is clear at a glance. The big data cloud platform can accurately collect, analyze and calculate the entire chain of information of manufacturers, hospitals, and inspection agencies, and scientifically guide production, which effectively raises channel management efficiency and obviously reduces waste, further achieves controllable, traceable, and safer reagent flow throughout.


U-Reagent scenario solutions

From the present situation of reagent management,empirical and extensive management cannot solve a series of problems about reagents management.According to incomplete statics,as far as reagents management goes,a normal center hospital will suffer about million yuan’s lost caused byhuman factors,reagents management has become a tricky issue for hospitals and scientific research institutes.

Depending on the application of RFID intelligent loT technology upon medical refrigeration equipment,track the information fo stored items in real time,full -automatic intelligent management of drugs and reagents.


Case Studies

U-Biobank Network (28)
U-Vaccine Network (17)
U-Reagent Network (6)
U-Blood Network (5)
U-Laboratory Network (21)

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