Remote Temperatue Monitoring Solutions
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Liquid Nutrogen Storage Solution
Selling Point Brochure
ULT Freezer Brochure
Biomedical Freezer
Pharmacy Refrigerator
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Clean Air Solutions
Transport Cooler
General Catalogue
Vaccine Storage Solution
Constant Climate Standard Incubator
Constant Climate Chamber
Constant Climate Dry Chamber
Laboratory Refrigerator HLR-310FL
Plasma Blast Freezer
Automated Blood Management Refrigerator
Mini Biological Safety Cabinet
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Small Sized Storage Series (Square Racks)
TwinCool Frequency Conversion ULT Freezer
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Ultra Low Energy ULT Freezer -LCD
TwinCool ULT Freezer - LCD
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CO2 Backup System
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Ultra Low Energy ULT Freezer
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Low Energy ULT Freezer-LED Display
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TwinCool ULT Freezer
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Low Energy ULT Freezer-LCD Touchscreen
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Cryo Freezer
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HR700- IIA2 HR900- IIA2(IIB2) HR1200- IIA2(IIB2) HR1500- IIA2(IIB2)
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HR900-IIA2 HR1200-IIA2 HR1500-IIA2
Vertical Automatic High-pressure Steam Sterilizer
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HETL-01 PQS Certificate
DW-86L828ST Certificate 2
Safety Test Report HXC-629ZZ
EMC Test Report HXC-629ZZ
CE Certificate HXC-629ZZ
Energy Star HLR-310FL
UL Certificate HLR-310FL
UL Certificate HYC-639
Energy Star HYC-639
UL Certificate

Ultra Low Energy ULT Freezer

UL Certificate


CE Certificate

Desktop High-speed Refrigerated Microcentrifuge

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NSF Series Biological Safety Cabinet
Vaccine Refrigerator Van
P2 Mobile Nucleic Acid Testing Vehicle
Smart Mobile Clinic
Intelligent Vaccination Shelter
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