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Haier Biomedical RKN Container Used in Int’l Route

Haier Biomedical launched the first international route for high-end temperature control equipment jointly with Southern Airlines Logistics and COSCO Shipping Air Freight from Shanghai to Frankfurt.

HB Products Favored by the US Market!

As life science and technology continues to develop at a fast pace, the Haier Biomedical continues to stay at the forefront of industry innovation, and the team strives to build localized global sales network, and continue to insist on the "product + service" model to provide accurate services for users. Haier Biomedical will continue to promote innovation, research and development to constantly expand product categories, bringing more life science and biomedical products plus solutions to the world to make life better.

What’s the Secret to Experimenting Safely, Anywhere & at Anytime?

New Arrival! Mini Biological Safety Cabinet, the Laboratory Around You~

The Secrets of Haier Biomedical’s Cell Culture Solutions

As an ecosystem brand committed to life science and medical digital scenarios, Haier Biomedical has through innovation developed cell culture solutions to breed new cells safely.


Where could vaccines be stored in high temperature areas?


Leading Models |Dry Shipper Series

Based on Haier Biomedical’s user-oriented concept, we have developed the Dry Shipper Series Liquid Nitrogen Tank for users to ensure a -190℃ sample storage environment even for the process of transport.


How is Umbilical Cord Blood Stored?


A Vision behind Plasma Separators

This technology has set some experts thinking: is it possible that a future medical device could be used to "separate" and "replace" viruses and thus remove pathogenic substances and cure diseases as a plasma separator does?

Haier Biomedical Conference, Training Center & Showroom was Completed in West Africa, Expanding the Presence of Haier Biomedical Vaccine Cold Chain!

"Life Science and Medical Innovation” -- Haier Biomedical West Africa Conference, Training Center & Showroom is Officially Opened!
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