Please"Respect"Every Vial of Vaccine!


As of now, monkeypox has been reported in more than 80 countries around the world, with more than 24,000 confirmed cases. The World Health Organization has warned that a vaccine could be the key to contain the outbreak. Since then, there have been long queues of people at monkeypox vaccination centers across the US to be vaccinated with the monkeypox vaccine. Some people started queuing up in early hours of the morning to be vaccinated as soon as the vaccine became available. 

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However, according to French media reports on August 9, the cold chain within the Edison monkeypox vaccination center in the 13th district of Paris was interrupted in earlier August, forcing people who received monkeypox vaccines during the interruption period to be vaccinated again. This is because these precious vaccines may have failed due to improper cold chain management.

From production to transportation, vaccines should be refrigerated or frozen all the time before being inoculated into patients, and any temperature fluctuations or an interruption in the cold chain may affect their effectiveness. If so, how could we detect such interruptions or failures in time, and could we get notification to avoid such vaccine losses?

This question could be perfectly solved by Haier Biomedical RTMD device. Compatible with most existing equipment, this device achieves remote monitoring of high and low temperature, door opening and closing function to name a few. Additionally, it can also record and detect automatically, send real-time alarms, and deliver intelligent management to ensure vaccine safety.

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As the World Health Organization spokeswoman Margaret Harris pointed out, we can only ensure vaccines are safe and effective in containing the monkeypox outbreak. This means that we should focus our attention on cold chain management.

As a global manufacturer and supplier of complete cold chain solutions, Haier Biomedical has developed a comprehensive vaccine solution. This solution could ensure that the vaccine is always refrigerated and or frozen if required in specialized equipment throughout the entire process from manufacture, storage, transportation, monitoring to the final inoculation of vaccines to ensure they are effective and safe.

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During this global pandemic, every vial of vaccine should be "respected". Haier Biomedical's complete vaccine solution ensures vaccine safety in all aspects, representing Haier’ contribution to the global immunization effort.